Five keys to internet marketing...

1. Keyword analysis - What do customers type into search engines to
find your product or service? How competitive are your keywords?
Site optimisation

  • Is your site sticky? Do you have a call to action?
  • Keyword density- ensure that you mention your keywords in the body of your page
  • Metatags – remember to put your keywords in your title tag
  • Headings, structure & content – must read like a narrative

2. Pay-per-click

  • Keywords twice – once in the title, once in the body
  • Landing page must be relevant
  • Don’t go for top position – people click on your ad but carry on looking

3. Relevant inward links

  • Related sites, forums & blogs
  • Dmoz & Yahoo directories
  • Yahoo –
  • Google Maps Local – business finder

4. Email campaigns – make sure the names on your list have opted-in

  • In house
  • Purchased lists
  • Not too flashy with limited html, use text to get through spam filters
  • Newsletters
  • Monthly or quarterly
  • White papers
  • Offer free helpful advice

5. Press releases/ articles/ blogs

  • Issue a keyword rich press release that includes a link to your site
  • Lots of PR websites are very good (e.g. and distribute to Google, Yahoo, MSN news services
  • Blogs (web log/diary) help businesses communicate with their customers