Skills - what I can offer you...

I have 15 years experience working in the field of customer acquisition and retention. For the last 6 years I have helped many companies use the web to appeal to a wider audience and ultimately to acquire more customers. I do this using targeted online marketing and website optimisation using both on-page and off-page techniques. With comprehensive analysis of a company’s objectives and more importantly, gaining an understanding of the customer, I am able to create an effective online ‘shop window’ that both attracts and prompts the browser to engage with the company. My skills are based on being able to see a business from the customer’s point of view and as a result can help create a relationship with the customer that is both enduring and profitable. My philosophy of consulting and listening to the customer, as opposed to telling the customer what we think they want, has helped many clients become more responsive to market changes and therefore more competitive and profitable

Key Skills

Internet marketing strategy both on and off page

Customer relationship management including

Customer experience management

Customer empathy