We all know what good customer service is and the dramatic effect that it has on one’s perception of a company. I know from experience that it’s very difficult to take a step back and look at one’s own organisation and ask – ‘Do we deliver a great customer service and do we do enough to engage our customers in the social environment that they operate in?’

Having had more than 25 years consulting experience, and 20 years as an internet marketing consultant, I will help you answer those questions and show you how to improve your company’s performance.



Many thousands of untrained people lose enormous amounts of money on PPC advertising. I can set-up and train you to really make money through this medium and turn browsers into buyers


SEO Analysis

To optimise your site I will analyse its structure, content and usability to help you take advantage of traffic from search engines and directories. I will focus on your core offer and build an optimised site around that offer. This is what your competitors will be doing and so should you.



I can help you build your social media profile and show you how to convert your activities into profit while boosting your brand. Grant can we amend this so it includes Social Media and also other marketing techniques?

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