Beyond site optimisation and pay-per-click

I want you to think about your business in a different way: from the customer’s point of view. Firstly, if someone is looking for your product or service, how will they find you? Traditionally, the Yellow Pages and advertising were the answer. Today, in a world where there are hundreds of millions of websites and a person in Brazil or Australia could be competing against you, you need to take action to ensure that you are highly visible to the online community. One essential exercise that I always get my clients to undertake, is for them to think about their keywords – what words does a potential customer type into a search engine to find you? This exercise will focus your attention on the core offer your business makes to its customers. Secondly, once your customer has found you, what is their perception of you? What do they think about you? What feelings do you engender in them? Confidence, security, irritation, distrust or sheer boredom? Is your website easy to use? What is your email response like, your contact acknowledgments, telephone response, service, product, delivery, feedback and complaints procedure?

It’s a marriage

You must create and maintain a long-term, long-distance relationship with your customers. Like a marriage this relationship requires communication, effort, gifts, attention and, most of all, real commitment! If your customers have a positive and memorable experience when you communicate with them, you will avoid customer infidelity or, worse still, divorce proceedings!

I can help

I will help your customers find you on the web and bring new customers from the worldwide market place. I will also enable you to change your office culture, to ensure that you keep all your new customers.

Internet marketing consultant – Contact me for a free initial consultation. I can help most businesses and if I can’t help yours, I’ll tell you.


All packages include comprehensive keyword discovery to find the exact phrase/s that will bring browsers to your site

One day SEO Crash Course:
– £950 – includes full keyword research
– Pay-per-Click (Adwords) training
– On-page and off-page optimisation
– Can be split over two half days

Website optimisation:
– one page – £700
– two pages – £1100
– up to ten pages – £3500

Pay-per-click campaign and training:
– from £950

Internet marketing consultant – Customer care and retention
– £950 per day

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